Desan Shipyard is a dynamic player in the ship repair & ship building field with a highly reliable, responsible and hardworking team and a proven success record of international business. Desan’s team of experts have many years of shipping experience and offer the best solutions and excellent professional ship care service to ship owners. We value the latest technology and innovation and also our customers', shareholders', subcontractors’ and employees' satisfaction and changing needs. We know that their success is our success.

Repair means rebuilding for us. Every vessel that is brought to our yard is treated with first class service and the most advanced technology. We methodically review the whole vessel from bow to stern and concentrate on every single detail. Whatever the problem, we are always ready to give you what you need. It's a lot more than repairing. It's rebuilding. It's about our years of experience; it's about earning your trust.

Desan Shipyard is specialized in repairing works in order to serve its customers from all over the world with two floating docks, closed workshops with 31.000 m2 of total area including an 8000 m2 enclosed area. Our aim is to fulfill customers’ specific expectation in respect to quality and completion time in accordance with their requests.  Our aim is to fulfill customers’ specific expectation in respect to quality and completion time in accordance with their requests.


Desan offers different size of floating docks up to Post Panamax size of vessels which makes Desan Shipyard an ideal dock-of-call for a diverse range of vessels. Our track record shows a list of different types of vessels that called on Desan for repairs and upgrades


Surface preparation and coating is different for each project and it is taken care of by fully trained staff in Desan with painting engineers and technicians. The main objective is to exceed customer expectation in a cost effective manner with the best quality and methods possible.


At Desan Shipyard we can easily reach 16.000 ton productivity annually with our workshops that are equipped with a wide range of fixed machinery like CNC plasma cutting benches with latest technology, hydraulic press brakes up to 400 tons and welding machines of automatic and gas welding type...


Desan is the best source for top quality pipe manufacturing and renewal. With over 30 years of experience in repair and new building, our standards and superior quality structures are unsurpassed in the industry. Pipe Works specializes in designing, fabricating and installing the finest quality is well known in the market.


With the professional capacity of a consolidated team of engineers and workshops, Desan has a superior ability to complete maintenance and repair services of machinery including reconditioning of components. Desan is committed to providing marine users with qualified and experienced teams of following jobs during repair.


Desan is among the leading shipyard can handle all type of propulsion system works within it's own workshop. For the benefit of our clients, Desan Shipyard has it's own high experienced team with all necessary tools ready in the shipyard.


Not only with new building but also for repairs of many vessels, Desan executes quality electric and electronic works using parts and service from Japan, Korea, China and Europe. Desan works with world famous navigational equipment makers for annual and five year services like Fruno, Tokimec and Transas.


Desan Shipyard anticipates a challenging year ahead for owners as a result of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water & Sediments came into force on 08.09.2017. in response DESAN SHIPYARD has increased workshop capacity in areas such as electrical, steel and piping within the shipyard itself.


We welcome all of our guests to DESAN UNIQUE LOUNGE with especial experience. We are pleased to introduce our renovated lounge & office facilities for our partners and visitors. Desan Lounge is designed to offer utmost privacy in its office rooms furnished with comfortable couches, tv, office tools and high speed Wi-Fi connection.