Health & Safety

Safety is the highest priority at DESAN SHIPYARD. Our activities are governed by stringent safety procedures and these are developed based on full risk assessments for all of the work we carry out. Main pillar to targeted quality and efficient production is the safe and healthy environment at DESAN SHIPYARD. Therefore our primary principle is to ensure that our employees sustain their normal and healthy state during their presence at work.
In order to realize this principle, DESAN SHIPYARD established an occupational health and safety system in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007.

Achieved by;
* Protecting machinery and equipment,
* Minimizing risks to prevent accidents,
* Complying with legal and other requirements,
* Ensuring continual improvement.


Quality Guaranteed

In accordance with the requirements of Desan Culture, we work hard to continuously improve our Integrated Quality Management System. Wide extent of our staff’s experience, well–equipped workshops and by listening carefully to our clients feedback, enable the company to efficiently perform high quality work with competitive prices as well.

Our goal is to deliver the best quality products and services possible, meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations while complying with all contractual requirements with ultimate care for our environment.

The importance of the quality management system of Desan Shipyard is based on the desire of our employees to keep and enhance Desan’s reputation among its clients, and also to work hard in a very difficult and demanding environment.



*ISO 9001,
*ISO 14001,
*ISO 45001,
*NATO Security Certificates to be obtained from NATO Authorities.

Desan Shipyard has obtained Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System 14001:2015 certifications from Class RINA & IQ NET which enable us to fulfil customers’ requirements. Also DESAN has obtained RMRS Certificate of form Conformity.