Ship Building

Our professional shipyard is capable of building commercial, offshore support & supply vessels, fishing vessels, tugboats and mega yacht’s in our enclosed ship production area. She must be beautiful no doubt; the quality has to cover all the owner’s and designer’s needs and the result must be a success, therefore it takes experience as well as talent. At this point our principle is ‘to build the applicable’. Therefore we not only build and sketch in 2D but design and carefully engineer from the start.


THE HALL SIZE: 136m x 40m x 36m
CRANES INSIDE: Capability up to 300 tons lifting capacity.


Desan has been awarded by NATO SECRET and NATIONAL SECRET Facility security clearance.

Naval Shipbuilding requires more difficult standards and quality certifications compared to commercial shipbuilding. The commercial shipyards in Turkey have to be awarded the following certifications to be pre-qualified.

  • - Facility and personnel security clearance certificates to be received from ministry of national defense.
  • - NATO security certificates to be received from NATO authorities.
  • - In this regard, Desan Shipyard is one of the few pre-qualified shipyards to carry out naval projects in Turkey.