A Family History

A family devoted to shipping

The Kaptanoglu family are pioneers in Turkish shipping with a hundred years of maritime experience and tradition. H. Ismail Kaptanoglu, the founder of Kaptanoglu shipping, was a captain in his father’s ships in the beginning of the last century. Cpt. H. Ismail Kaptanoglu worked with his father and his five brothers until 1950 at which time he established his own company. Some years later his three sons joined him to form one of Turkey’s most renowned family shipping companies.

Cpt. H. Ismail Kaptanoglu was one of the founders of the Turkish Ship-owners Association. His sons carried on their father’s mission and have been serving the Turkish shipping community as well as fulfilling official duties. Today, Kaptanoglu Holding is active in almost every segment of shipping such as owning, operating, shipbuilding and agency services.

The new generation at Kaptanoglu Holding honours Cpt Kaptanoglou’s mission; quality service in every segment of the shipping industry with utmost care to safety of life and protection of the environment and with our vision continuing to be our place amongst the world's first class shipping companies.